Natural Remedies for Fever

This past week my daughter had a fever.  As soon as it appeared we decided to give her Tylenol.  Usually that is effective in reducing fever.  However, this time it did not have any effect.  The following day I took her to see the doctor.  He noticed her throat was red and sent for two types of tests.  The first was for strep and I’m not sure what the second one was for.  If the tests return positive he would call us otherwise it was just some sort of virus that we would  have to wait out.  It turned out to be the latter.

So later that evening, I thought back to what my parents did for me as a child when I had fever.  Below is a list some things that helped me (and incidentally my daughter) reduce fever.  I will list them in the order of effectiveness.

1.) Damp towel – Dip a a small towel in cold water.  Faucet cold should be enough. Wring excess water from the small leaving it damp.  Place it on the lower portion of the abdomen covering the lower abdomen and bladder area.  While this doesn’t usually get rid of the fever, it helps alleviate some of the symptoms.

2.) Avoid milk and dairy products – During a fever, milk will coagulate quicker given the body’s increased temperature.  Any liquids that you are trying to consume to refresh and cool down the body will not pass through as quickly.  Avoid milk and try to eat light foods that don’t require to much effort from your body to digest.

3.)  Genital showers – This one is similar to the damp towel and a little more effective.  Gather cold water in a clean pail/bucket/pot.  At least a gallon.  If you are able to, add a couple of ice cubes to the water to maintain its cool temperature.  Sit at inside your bath tub and bring your bucket with you.  Generously splash water in the genital area for 5 to 10 minutes.  Repose and alternate this process with the damp towel.


4.) Zornia tea – This remedy is not common in the states.  In fact, until today I did not know the English name of Zornia.  I grew up knowing it as “Hierba de la vibora” with it’s direct translation being “Snake plant”.  This herb will make you sweat. Whenever we took it or when I gave it to my 9 year old, it was before going to bed.  I consume it the following way.  Boil some water, steep a couple of stems and leaves for 2 to three minutes in as little as 4 ounces of water.  Squeeze a teaspoon of fresh squeezed lime juice for taste.  Consume before going to bed.

The tea will make you sweat while you sleep.  Try not to expose yourself to cold air if you are sweating.  In other words, if you feel hot and are sweaty in the middle of the night, don’t uncover yourself completely if the air in the room is cool/cold.    Change into dry clothes and continue to keep warm.  You will feel considerably better when you wake up in the morning.  I don’t know where to get this tea.  I have some that my brother left last year.  But below is a picture of the plant.  As soon as I find where you can buy it, I’ll edit this post.


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