List directory info (including folder size, path and modified date) and move old folders

Although I haven’t completed this program (added features and worked out several bugs), it’s basic features may prove handy.  I will continue to add to it and all suggestions for the program are welcomed.   The program was created in C#.  It requires the .NET Framework 3.0 or greater to run, although the code can be compiled to work in 2.0.

Currently the program will do two things:

  1. Move selected directories/folders to another folder (you can control the minimum age of the directory based on the last modified date)
  2. Export directory information including folder size, path, and the last modified date of the directories listed in the text box
I’ve used sourceforge to host the project and files.  Doing this will hopefully motivate me to continue to expand this project.
To view additional project details go to:
Please leave all special requests, comments or complaints in the comments section of this post or designated area in the sourceforge project page.

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