Cygwin without installation or executable

If you need to get cygwin onto your computer without installation or running their setup.exe executable, I’ve packed my home install into a 7zip archive. You can use 7zip or Winrar to uncompress these files into your computer. All you need to do is choose the directory to extract to and voila, the .bat will get Cygwin up and running on your machine.  I recommend “C:\cygwin” but it’s  up to you.  Any location works.

I’ve placed this download here for those having problems installing Cygwin on their windows machine for various reasons such as routers and firewalls preventing the installation of executable programs.

Enjoy, you will find out that I have a lot of packages in there including make, python and other goodies.  More can be added upon request.  Tested on Windows 7 and XP.

Download from Google Docs


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