How to close frozen windows in Linux

Recently I upgraded to the latest version in Ubuntu Linux.  I am thrilled for the most part.  There are some annoying glitches and changes that I managed to work around and get used to and I am hoping I will take the time to modify the settings and/or be able to install updates that will address the glitches.  But I will save that info for another post once I’ve had an opportunity to evaluate this version a little better.

So, if you are a Linux user (in my case Ubuntu) and you’ve had windows or programs freeze on you, you need to know how to shut them off whether or not they are consuming computer resources.  This example works for any application that has a window open.

  1. For starters, identify the frozen application.  (In my case they were actually the folder windows that were frozen)

    In my example, my folder windows were frozen. I could not get them to close.

  2. Next open up a terminal instance.  Type xkill

    I opened my Terminal. This should be pretty easy to find since there is always a shortcut to it somewhere

  3. Next your will be prompted to click on the window that you want to have shut down.  Also, your cursor’s appearance may change.

    After you type xkill in your terminal, you are instructed to click on the program window that is causing trouble.

  4. Lastly, click on that window.  Easy right?

    This is the confirmation text you will receive after a window has been closed

As a closing note, I have to say that I am really pleased with Ubuntu.  This has got to be one of the best Open Source projects ever.


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