How to Copy an Access Table as a SAS Data Set

Open up SAS. On the right you will the following icons. Double click Libraries

Next you will see a list of your libraries. Right click on the white space and click “New”

You will get the following prompt. Give your dataset a name. The name I gave it was taxmastr. Select ACCESS as your engine. Click “Enable at startup”. This is optional if you think you will use this data after this session.

Browse for the database that you will be accessing.

Then click Okay after you selected your database.

You can now see your new library “Taxmastr” has been added to the list.

Now write the following program:

Here you can customize several things.

1. The word TAXOUT after LIBNAME, can be whatever you want your library name to be. Also the file path following TAXOUT should be changed to the directory you want to change your SAS dataset

2. The text after the keyword DATA, should be the new LIBRARY.NAME_OF_DATASET you will be creating

3. The text after the keyword SET should be the existing LIBRARY.NAME_OF_EXISTING_DATASET that you will be copying.

Be sure to end every line in this program with semicolon.

Execute the program by clicking on the Submit button

Your ouput window will let you know if your program was successful.

Your output look similar to this:

Now, go to your directory (in this case I:ProjectsTaxMastersSAS_datasets) and confirm that your dataset was created.


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