Oops, wrong Faceboook

Recently I encountered an article that had compiled a subset of statistics of typed URLs.  More specifically this individual (Chris Finke) provided a summary of the most commonly mistyped domain names based on the data he captured through one of his browser plugins.

In the article he points out that facebook.com is the most commonly typed URL (based on his data) but I think that’s true in general with google.com following in 2nd place.   A common mistyping of facebook.com is faceboook.com (with three Wannabe Facebook Winner SiteO’s).  Per it’s disclaimer at the bottome, this site is not associated with although the initial load of the background highly resembles that of the original facebook site.

Other’s have made purchases of similar sounding domains in hopes of cashing in on the mistyping.  I found that googe.com will redirect you to http://www.barnabegooge.com/index.html while goog.com redirects you to http://ggjf.com/

Probing a little further I decided to type tweeter (as I noticed some older folks referring to twitter as this).   The results here is someone selling this domain.  Below are some screenshots you can take a look at without actually going to these domains.  You never know which one could try to kick some malware to you.

Other interesting tidbits:

#1 URL for Russia: vkontakte.ru (social networking site)

#1 URL for Finland: aapeli.com (a gaming site)

#1 URL for Korea: fomos.kr (an e-ports site)

The typed URLs of googel.com and googl.com will actually take you to google.com (tested in Chrome and Firefox).

Intial Screen when going to Faceboook

This is the initial screen you get when you type faceboook.com in your address bar.

Goog.com will take you here

Googe.com - So you missed the L in Google. Here you go.

It shoudl be twitter.com not tweeter.com, although they both make sense. Why hasn't anyone done anything useful with this domain?


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