Formatting Dates with SQL Server

By default, when you query your database many of your dates may have the following format: yyyy-mm-dd 00:00:00.000 (i.e. 2011-05-04 14:33:35.743). However you may want to format this date to look like May 4 2011 2:35PM or something that’s easier to read. To accomplish this use SQL Server’s CONVERT function. The convert function can take up to 3 arguments, the output type, the value it will be converted, and optionally the format number. Below are some examples and how to use CONVERT().

SELECT CONVERT(varchar(50), GETDATE(), 100)

will give you

May 4 2011 2:38PM

SELECT CONVERT(varchar(50), GETDATE(), 101)

will give you


SELECT CONVERT(varchar(50), GETDATE(), 106)

will give you

04 May 2011

SELECT CONVERT(varchar(50), GETDATE(), 107)

will give you

May 04, 2011

Nice right? Hope it’s useful to you.


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