Getting started with Python and using Komodo Edit

You’re probably here because you recently installed Python on your computer.  You don’t mind IDLE, the interface you use to write and test your code, but in the past you have used tools like Visual Studio and like the code auto completion that it provides.

Fortunately, there is a Python editor that does offer features a bit beyond what the Standard Python IDLE offers.  Although I am not knocking IDLE, auto completion is always nice.  It’s like spell check for programmers.  So now what do you do?

  1. If you don’t already have Python installed, install Python (
  2. Install Komodo Edit (
  3. In Komodo Edit create a new File and Save it with a .py extension
  4. Write some code, like the code sample given below.
  5. Go to Tools > Run Command (Be sure the box has the value: %(python) “%F”

After that you’re program will execute.  See the slideshow below.  Also, you may want to enclose the %F with double quotes.  This will ensure that your program is run even when it is inside a directory named with spaces.  Also, below the slideshow is the sample code used in the program.  Copy and paste and test along with the slide show images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

print("what is your name? ")
n = input()
print("you are awesome!", n)

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