Paris Texas protestors in Austin, TX

Earlier today I ran into a small group of protestors outside the William P. Clemens building on 15th St in downtown Austin.

Usually I find that protestors congregate in the front of the Capital but I guess a few blocks away should be just as good. Odd thing though is that while they stood at the doors of the state building, they shouted their protests towards the Double Tree hotel. Not sure why, maybe key legislators were staying at the Double Tree that day?

Oddly enough onlookers did not have much of an idea what the protest was about. A set of ladies asked, “What are they protesting about?” When I showed them one of the pictures I took they commented, “This is about a pipeline?” Well not exactly. It was more a a metaphor. I want to say this organization serves their cause:

At any rate, here are some pics of the protest.




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