Aderogyl 15 – Ingestible Solution. Strengthen your defenses. Treatment and prevention of influenza and common cold.

It appears as if the H1N1 flu (formerly known as the swine flu) is really taking the U.S. by storm.  Even a different version of the flu vaccine has been created in efforts to prevent the H1N1 flu and this appears to be in short supply.  An alternative to waiting for the vaccine for prevention or the actual flu itself is to take preventive measures.

Influenza (H1N1)  in the U.S. according to the CDC

Click to go to CDC web for live updates

What kind of preventive measures are available?  There are several, such as not exposing yourself to infected people, maintain good hygiene and in my opinion, most importantly keep a good diet.  A good promotes a healthy immune system.  Foods that I have taken to maintain my immune system in the past have been celery, onion and garlic.  I recommend juicing celery about once a week during the fall and winter season.  Onions, particularly raw, have been known to have antibiotic properties.   Garlic, helps purify your blood stream and has many good properties.  To lessen the odor of garlic, try it minced with lime and honey.

Also, a very popular product is the one listed below.  Aderogyl 15.   Read about it and if it is something that you may benefit you, purchase it today.

Aderogyl 15
THERAPEUTIC INDICATIONS: thanks to its protective and regenerative action of the respiratory mucosa (epithelium), Aderogyl ® 15 is to aid in preventing and treating influenza and common cold. Is also indicated for the treatment of vitamin A and D deficiencies

• Over 12 years and adults: if you eat 5 servings or more of fruits and vegetables a day, take the contents of a vial 1 time a week, before breakfast.
• If adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables (ie less than 5 servings a day), take the contents of 2 vials 1 time a week, before breakfast.
Aderogyl ® 15 gives the liquids opaque white with orange flavor. Do not exceed 2 vials a week.
Route of administration: oral.

FORMULA: the vial contains:
Retinol 10 mg. (equivalent to 6,000 IU of vitamin A palmitate)
Ergocalciferol (equivalent to 400 IU of vitamin D2)
Vehicle c.b.p.: 3 ml.

Contraindications: allergy to vitamins A and D, calcium in the blood increased, decreased liver function and / or kidney disease and pregnancy.

ADVERSE REACTIONS: occasionally can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, loss of appetite, rash. Double vision. Hypersensitive individuals to vitamins A and D can occur severe allergy.

PRECAUTIONS AND WARNINGS: vitamins A and D are stored in the liver and its metabolism is slow, so toxic effects of overdose. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not take prolonged.
Pediatric Use under the supervision and responsibility of the physician.

Use in pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated during pregnancy. During breastfeeding, consult your doctor.

ATTENTION: If discomfort persists, consult your doctor. Do not let the reach of children.
Store at room temperature not exceeding 30 ° C in a dry place. Carefully read the instructions.

PRESENTATIONS: Box with 1 vial  or  Box of 5 vials

Made in Mexico by Sanofi-Aventis de Mexico, SA of C.V.
Reg No. 38,878 SSA VI. ® Registered trademark.


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23 responses to “Aderogyl 15 – Ingestible Solution. Strengthen your defenses. Treatment and prevention of influenza and common cold.

  1. ray

    My mother used to give this to me when I was younger. It definitely helped with preventing illness and keeping me strong. I think the vitamin a also gave me superb night vision! I am going to start giving it to my kids.

  2. reyna

    Is really sad that we have to depend of other countries to buy this product. is really very effective for cold or flu. i gave it to my kids when they was so little now they don’t suffer cold or flu too often.

  3. Arline

    Does it help if you already have a cold?

    • The product is marked as being for the prevention and treatment of colds, so it should help. Thinking back, when I was little my mother used to grate onion and garlic into a pulp, mix it with lime juice and bee’s honey when we had a cold. The taste and smell of raw garlic and onion are strong but the lime juice and honey reduce their strength considerably. Provided you are not allergic to any of those ingredients, give them a try. — Best wishes.

  4. Sarah

    This product really isn’t needed for anything other than wasting money. The ingredients are nothing but vitamins A and D. If you simply eat your fruits and vegetables daily, you don’t need this! And no, there are no miracle elixirs that will fend off colds. If you have a cold, you just have to let it take it’s time to go away. This will not help! Time cures a cold, nothing else! There is a reason why this is only sold in third world countries. Educate the people buying it! Tell them to save their money! THIS IS A WASTE!!

    • 1) “Educate the people …”. Read the post, it’s all there.
      2) “Miracle elixirs”, Nobody is claiming this. Aderogyl is a supplement as described. Alternative supplements are also noted and promoted as well as a healthy diet.

      Love your passion though. =)

      • adriana reyes

        Mr. valles necesito una caja de aderogyl y ahora no encuentro como comprarla, me envia las indicaciones por favor.

        Adriana reyes, El Paso, tx.

    • vitamin D levels are not high enough to find them on your fruits and vegetable, so yes, this combination works and is not a waste

    • Jesse q

      The cool thing about this product is that i hate eating fruits and veggies so if youre telling me all i have to is take a a dose of this, Sign me up!

  5. maria

    gracias a todos por sus comentarios son de mucha ayyuda

  6. hola alguien me puede decir como puedo conseguir unas cajas de aderogil porfavor?

  7. Nicole

    sarah you suck

  8. Gloria A. Bessenbacher

    Yo recuerdo que a mis primas cuando niñas el pediatra recomendó se les diera Aderogyl 15 para fortalecerlas y prevenir gripes. Hay manera de conseguirlo en los Estados Unidos? Cuál es la edad mínima para tomarlo?

  9. Edna

    My mother in law used to buy this in Mexico now she lives here and she wants to buy more!! Where can we buy this?

  10. Teresita

    Este producto es parecido a la gammaglobulina inyectable. La funcion es subir el sistema inmunologico para prevenir o suavizar los catarros o gripe.

  11. Carlos Porras

    soy testigo viviente de buen resultado de tratamiento fui asmatico muy enfermiso y desnutrido a los 10 de edad mi peso era de 50 libras y gracias a mi neumologo que en paz descance quien me receto aderogyl 15 pude desarrollar saludablemente y mejorar mi salud gracias.

  12. Carmin

    Hola, yo soy paciente con enfermedad renal terminal, me ataco un resfrio muy severo y opte por tomar el aderogyl, me ayudo increible. Yo vivo en la frontera con Mexico y tengo la facilidad de ir a comprar medicinas alla. Gracias por eso. Carmin.

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