Where is DTS in SQL Server Management Studio

If you are not familiar with the DTS Wizard utility in SQL Server Management Studio, it is a utility that is used to import and export data to and from SQL Server databases.  You can also import and export data from and to other sources such as flat files, Excel workbooks and Access databases with the DTS import and export wizard found in SQL Server Management Studio.

Note – In later software versions, you might find that DTS may have changed its name to SSIS.

To take advantage of the DTS wizard, open up your SQL Server Management Studio application and follow the steps below.

1.)    Go to Tools
2.)    Click External Tools
3.)    Click Add
4.)    Under title, give it a name like DTS Import and Export
5.)    Click the browse button right below the ‘Title’ text box (the square button with the ellipse).
6.)    Navigate to:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\Binn
7.)    Select DTSWizard.exe and click open
8.)    Then click Apply followed by Okay

Now if you go to your tools menu, you will find have the option to open the DTS Import Export Wizard on its own.

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