File and Print Sharing in Windows through command prompt

Below is an old article I found, well I don’t know.  As I was cleaning out some old files, I ran across this copy.  I am not sure how relevant it is but under Windows XP, I know that the programs you call are still available.  Here it is, summarized.

* * * * *

Are you sharing any files or printers in Windows?  If so, here is how you can access them.

  1. Open your command prompt by going to Start > Run > and typing ‘cmd’ (without the single quotes)
  2. Type NBTSTAT – A IPADDRESS (example: NBTSTAT -A
  3. You will notice that computers that share resources will usually have port 139, so make note of that
  4. In the same prompt, type Net View \\IPADDRESS (example: Net View \\

You’ll receive something like

Sharename       Type       Comment
A               Disk       Floppy
C               Disk       C:\Drive
CDROM           Disk       CD-ROM Read Only

This tells you what is being shared.  To connected to the computer, you would type a command in this form


“P:” creates a virtual drive P on your computer. It may take some time to connect and if may use quite a bit of resources depending on the OS that you are running.

* * * * *

That concludes the summary of what I found.  I’ll probably keep this posted for a small while since I’m not sure how useful this really is.

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